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About Steel Jaguar

Steel JaguaR (SJR) is the longest-running competitive team in MechWarrior Onine, and represents the highest level of competitive play in the game.  With a record of victory and a reputation for excellence, SJR still carries its mission forward, three years into the game.

SJR’s origins reach back to MechWarrior 4, where they competed under various names, such as FURY and Smoke Jaguar Reborn.  SJR competed in multiple leagues, primarily focusing on planetary leagues such as NetBattletech, and War!Online.  Almost ten years after leaving MechWarrior 4 behind, MechWarrior Online was announced. SJR made its return to MechWarrior and decided to focus on competitive play.

SJR has been a part of the competitive scene since day one, including competing in Run Hot or Die, Last Mech Standing, Marik Civil War, MRBC, The Invitational, First Engagement, Major League Mech Warrior, and Beer Warrior.  

Steel Jaguars believe that teamwork, cohesion, and a winning mindset are as vital to success as individial skill.  SJR is known for their dedication to improving through regular practices, highly skilled individuals, and team-focused play, through which they have won multiple league and tournament championships.  

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"GGS EmP well played."
"Our first match of the year, exploring the new meta; an exhibition series vs 228, shoutcasted by BanditB17 and..."
"6 raids to fight tonight against Clan Wolf. Four are mech thefts sent by us, and two by them. Action will start ~..."
"We'll be playing as Clan Smoke Jaguar in Netbattletech league ("
"SJR has signed up. Your turn, pass the pen and paper down the line!"

 Feared.  Tenacious.  Victorious.  Indomitable.