Resurgence: Returning to Our Roots


Resurgence: Returning to Our Roots


2016 was a ride.  SJR made it to the semi-finals in the PGI World Championships, took our fourth 1st place in MRBC Div A in the spring, and 2nd place in MRBC Div A in the winter.  Despite our successes, our activity level led to some serious burnout.  In addition, several of our members started working full time, or needed to deal with important real life concerns.  Then the holidays hit.  By the end of December, we found ourselves unsure what direction we wanted to go, and how many of us could still fit competitive play into our busy professional and personal lives.

In a very constructive team meeting on January 3rd, the team discussed the future and what needs to be done to keep our legacy of top tier play moving forward.

Steel Jaguar has transformed in the past few years.  In 2012, SJR was formed from the bones of its old MW4 incarnation.  The team’s founders made a pact to pursue highly competitive, top-tier gameplay without compromise.  Well, only one compromise: to do so while being a positive influence on the community, and maintaining a positive atmosphere within the team.  We knew we would not have players with 16 hours a day free to play the game.  We knew many of our players would be adults working full time, or in college or grad school.  We knew the members we wanted would place making something of themselves in the real world as their top priority, as well they should.  We wanted SJR to be a place for students, professionals and parents alike, because competitive potential does not disappear when we transition into the work or family worlds.

However, in the past year we have been more concerned with our competition than continuing to emphasize our original goal: to build a tight-knit, highly-skilled gaming team.

It’s time to fix that.  We are going to return to our roots.

High standards for gameplay, competitive mentality, and character.  We will bring back our old recruitment methods, because they served us so well.  We will transform our practice schedule to make it more productive while being less of a crushing commitment.  We will begin a new streaming campaign on Sundays to outreach with the community and invite the community to get to know us, a bit like JagerXII’s old “Meatshield Monday”.

In short:
Steel Jaguar is alive, well, and changing.

Keep an eye out for our Sunday streams, we want to get to know you.  Looking for a team, or a change?  Check out our recruitment requirements.

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