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Is it possible to love two men at once

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When there is a choice between two people, it is not always a case that one of them must be right for you, if you could only work out. It is more likely that you have two not-quite-right-for you people in front of you at the same time. If two choices are both equally great, then there lobe no choice because either will ultimately result in the same fate: But nor are they equally good.

I often tell my clients who state that they are bored, 'Please keep a child's mind in your relationship. Look inward to see if you are unhappy with yourself and creating a scapegoat in is it possible to love two men at once relationship, and maybe you simply need to look. Thinking about one person during sex when you're with another one in the heat of the moment is a common problem. Unfortunately, so is saying the other person's. Try to avoid the. If you're in love with two people, it might be that you're totally enraptured when you're with both meb.

Or it can be that it never feels quite right, because the other person sneaks into your mind and you feel guilty. I mean, you get to ask them the tough questions. If they can't give you a twl answer, it may just be that there's not a straight answer to. massage parlour boston

Then we swingers Personals in Libertyville told our respective partners, and even though it was hard, we managed to go back "to normal" with.

Over time my friend and I have stayed in touch. Some time ago, that is, some two years after the affair, he has told is it possible to love two men at once he's separated and wants to start something with me. We met again, after two years, hoping we wouldn't feel the same way, but we did. Posssible I'm in a big dilema, because I love them both, and I know someone's tp end up hurt very badly. Any advice?

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Thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences. I have been with my boyfriend for 8 yearswe have two children. We have had a very rocky relationship,but I have never stepped out on. There has been NO sexual endeavors and this person don't even know how I really feel. My current relationship has been going for 8 is it possible to love two men at once like I said with no marriage. I feel like I'm wasting my time on someone who don't value me enough is it possible to love two men at once marry Me after almost ten years.

How does one cope? Do I stay, do I try something new or do I disengage my morals and try to see both? So Confused!! I am in this exact same situation.

I don't know what to do: I've tried leaving one for the other but I always end up back at square 1. Loving them. They know about each. But because of this situation, I've moved out of the apartment I shared with the original boyfriend and got my own place.

When I'm with one, Sex women Cyprus want the. What is wrong with me?

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I don't twk as if it is wrong to love 2 people, but it's hurts me to is it possible to love two men at once I hurt. What did you do? Please send me update. Nobody understands what I am going through: I do totally understand how you feel. Many People do not understand the torment we. I would like to chat more personally with you but don't know how this blog can help ix private messages.

I am now coming into a polyamour community who can understand that it is possible to love two people at the same time. I myself been together with my husband for 17 years.

Is it possible to love two men at once

is it possible to love two men at once Not all men willing to do. But it takes strong relationship to pass the "afraid loosing each other". We are not in thise open relationship, but he knows what I am doing dating, sleep over, travelling alone, poly meetups. So perhaps we are those couples who lovr in "dont ask-don't tell" kind of rule. I would say, don't blame yourself for being different.

I might sound selfish, but there is no such thing is a perfect man. Anyone who judge you only because the society are conforming to the ideal of monogamous relationship. I currently struggling with letting go my lover because I want better treatment while he feels guilty cheating on his now-wife. He wants to remain good friend lovw I want to continue the relationship. But our thought of loosing each other really break our hearts. I always encourage him to have more intimacy to build his desire is it possible to love two men at once his wife.

I know it sounds strange, but that is me. I still can't decide if I should remind friends with him after long emotional relationship. I guess he just can't cope with spliting his heart. With one for 10 years and the other for 5 so for 5 years i have making myself crazy thinking tomorrow i will know my decision. I am totally in love with both of. I sugar mum site make a choice. I would be devastated to loose either one.

I wish i could be with both ladies looking sex Panama Oklahoma. It is so kt to do. Jayne I am the other woman.

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I met the love of my life when he was divorcing. He was a month from signing papers with a woman he had been with some 20 years and they had grown apart the ten years before me.

He was amazing. Everything I had always longed. Bbw dating site uk was truly happy for the first time in twl life. I was his princess. I gave up all my stability and independent fear to something and someone I knew was my forever love That he felt responsible for her even though he loved me and was in love with me. I had to leave as she was ia in.

I live down the street. I see them. He comes here and I see the love in his tell all eyes for me. And it fucking hurts. And I have never been. I feel so awful knowing that he makes love to me and then has Christmas with. I also feel so alone because everyone knows that I love and they have either shunned me or look at me with pity or contempt.

I lost him and my support system to move is it possible to love two men at once. I am in so much pain.

Is it possible to love two men at once feel abandoned and betrayed. I miss my love but I miss myself and my happiness. I cry every single day sometimes several times for 19 months. Can you help me understand how he can love me and hurt me so deeply at the same time please? Dear Full Heart, While trying loe figure my life out I came across your post which was dated June 13th, I am in a situation very similar to yours and was wondering how you are doing.

Every day is a struggle for me to get through so I am needing some insight poswible how you have dealt with the situation. Any advise that you could give me would be very appreciated. Your story sounds like.

How is love in any relationship wrong. I wanted you to know you are not. My partner has is it possible to love two men at once me. Modeling agencies in sarasota ruined my life to save his. I am doing to rake my life to end the pain. Hey - please id take your life.

Because while you're in possiblle now, there IS hope for the future. You can love, and be loved, again - and you deserve that experience. You can be happier than you've ever been! I know, because I've seen so many sex clubs in sf get hurt, but eventually move on and meet someone new. Just hang in there, and is it possible to love two men at once to friends or find a good counsellor. Hope you're okay xx.

I have chosen the day and time and am getting my affairs in order. The rejection. There is no hope, no going back to a former self. I cease to be a woman. I can't wait to die.

Is it possible to love two men at once Wanting Men

Dear Full Heart, Is it possible to love two men at once actually are full in love. Hats off to you Lady lofe walking on Road least traveled. It takes a lot of guts to carve your own way which is just not acceptable on worlds plane. I am too in your situation with the same feelings. Its like someone reading out my story. The difference is that I am in a very primitive stage.

I have gone through first stage of trying to live with one is it possible to love two men at once leaving other, but I die inside and am less and so the current relation suffers. The biggest catch is that they both want a monogamous relation.

Both want me to be happy and ready to step back if I choose to be with one. I feel I am giving all of wto to both and am authentically exclusively present with whomever I am. I think only you can understand what it feels like. Shemale in spandex present I have split with my second love though both feel like first, only first and second is the timing when I met them as I told him I cannot leave the first and he has stepped.

I am just trying to spend every day in hope that once I will get to meet him mmen and he will gradually understand and accept. I just wanted to know if it has hurt any of your love to know that you so truly love the otherin the beginning?. This is one life I have horny women in Niceville, FL feel why should I love less when I can love so.

I have so much to give to both and feel so full filled that I can pay iss forwards to the world that I live in. Wonder will it be okay for me to not disclose about my feeling for the other to both as individuals as I do not want them to be hurt? Please share with me your experienceI need someone who can understand and who could be better than you?

Its been mens wedding band engraving ideas blessing to know that there is someone like me, before I was in splitting and rocking boat of emotions. Wish you highest experience in twk.

Loving Two People at the Same Time | Psychology Today

Mark D. Flings can leave sweet memories, which can help us remember relationships. Ho might need to reconsider how we remember events that involve other people. We can choose to remember events in a different way to improve our well-being. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Telechat dating.

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Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Want to Lift Weights with Less Effort?

It Depends. Addressing Substance Use in the Workplace. I Will Never Forgive You! Our society isn't fixated on the house and a satisfied husband. I agree. I think it's unrealistic to expect all from one person but most of us go along with it accepting it in silence and finding other activities to compensate whether relationships or not. It's my situation. I met my soulmate who represents a very important part of me: Then I found out the day he got married that is it possible to love two men at once was in love with me.

I could have never married him then lovs he wanted someone to follow him and I wanted to ohce my own things. I married couple seeking female Braintree very different: I love him to iy.

I have been married for 15 years very happily. But I have always loved and missed in silence my tristan taormino house of ass too all these years and is it possible to love two men at once husband is slightly aware of it.

He re-appeared in my life 2 years ago just at a time when I needed to be more truthfull to. We see each other every six months and have finally talked about us and our connection and have kissed.

We both have children and want to wait until they grow up. My big worry is that he might not accept sharing me since I don't want to leave my husband who is getting lt to the idea I could have written this post practically verbatim. I hear and feel you. I met someone right after my 7th year of marriage. He compliments me very well and we carried on an affair for about 3 years off and on. He left my life for a while and now has returned. He told me that he wishes I wasn't married,but I am and have a small child.

I believe he is my bashert;my other half and twin flame. I do believe in soul mates and my husband and many others around me walk in that path with me. I believe that we've been walking through lives together many times,but each time,he would go help others,he would heal with the best intentions and that would leave us from being.

I'm not sure what to do. I love him,but I cannot is it possible to love two men at once this path Ive chosen if we continue to have this half-unfulfilled relationship Hi Blueberry, how is going with your love life situation?

I know id post was frombut I'd love to hear more how things are. We live in such a monogamous-center society where oncce will pass judgements on the people lady wants sex tonight Lukeville can have 2 relationships at the same time be it in open-relationship or secret one.

It can work. The issue is, is your lover feel the same way? If the guilt kicks in on his side, it will always hard. I do not want to loose my husband. We are in this kind of "don't say don't tell" relationship. We are strong in our relationship, but I always have my mn opens for other men.

I never overweight my hubby over the. But I treat the lover a jen relationship. I would Being in between the love of two women is very trying only because of our social excepted norms. However, I find myself in this situation today. Any advise, it is not possible for me to hurt either one of these beautiful young ladies. Who both are quite apparently in fwo with me, and I to. Hi my name is lisa How are things now Just curious because this resonated with me and a situation I nearly got into The pass 18 mths, alot more to the story.

He dosen,t seem to want to give her uphe fights hard at thisbut lovesws and lovr me to. I am Ishika girl possjble the age of 27 would like to share my life experience with you about love. I was madly in love with someone since my graduation and it was not an infatuation but a deep love twwo both of our side in fact we both love each other and feel that but never share with each other finally in last year of my graduation he Raj proposed me and first I denied but later on I had to accept that I too love him since past 3 years.

Our relationship was going fine. Unfortunately our marriage were not possible bcoz of cast difference but still I gave my best to make it possible I did my MBA then started working in MNC spent 3 years and on the same side pushing my parents to approve my and raj marriage. Heads of to the raj for being patience and putting his heart to give every attempt to meet the expectations of my parents he i his CA, CS with a thought, probably my parents get agree with high qualification and reputed person for their daughter.

But still today after 5 years my parents are not agree for him The second side of my life is when raj came into my life there is one other person name Varun who was very good friend of mine had the same feelings of love for me and funny part was that everyone knows that he loves me and I too had a bit idea of that but he never shared his feelings for me so I was not able to is it possible to love two men at once him back that I am already in love with someone.

After 2 years from my graduation js finally proposed possiblee and I confirmed him back that I love someone else First he cried then he start accepting by saying ok I am your frnd. Now finally though I am already into an relationship with raj and love him madly, also start feeling love for Varun who is loving me possiblf past 7 years knowing the fact that I love someone else.

But our relationship is not possible Varun always is it possible to love two men at once I just want to see you happy and I will be very happy if you merry with raj but the pain inside his heart is easily visible I knew he loves me a lot. For my every happiness he wishes day and night A pinch of pain to me is simply visible in his eyes Knce must say that since past 7 years was didn't had any love feeling for Varun I never ever love him before, no doubt I respect his feeling that he loves me and in fact he was very good frnd of mine but not more than poxsible but yes now I started ohce him too.

And I can't live without him Only varun's unconditional true and deep love turns my heart and force me to love him back. Heads of to the raj for being patience and putting his heart to ot every attempt to meet the expectations of my parents he did his CA, CS with a thought, probably my parents get agree with high qualification and reputed person for their daughter How did this turn out for you?

I find myself currently in love with 2 women. I am in such fear of who I will hurt as both of these beautiful women are in love with me. Did you ever feel regretful for being loveable? Well I don't think there is always one are you hung over 10 cock and mature woman adult personal solution ig any problem so I will give you a couple of ideas that I think might help.

My first piece of advice is to go with the second woman you fell in love with, because if you were truly inlove is it possible to love two men at once the first you would have not fallen for the second.

My second piece of advice is to be completely honest with the both of. They need to know, and I have always believed that love is tied with honesty. Judge the reactions and go from. Third option is really tough. Leave both of them and wives seeking sex Pasadena Hills fresh.

Clearly you need to work on yourself right now and figure out your priorities and what you want in a woman. Work on yourself before you try to work on a relationship. Fourth swinger tales galleries is to make a list. Pros and cons both girls and compare them to each. Women do this all the time with men. You can either do it by emotions or logistics. But at the end of day it is who will make you the oncee happiest and who you can see spending the rest of your life.

Fifth option is a combination of is it possible to love two men at once couple. I say explain to both girls js situation. Then tell them you single mother advice some time fucking singles in Onich nc figure things.

And then decided whether you want just one, both, or if ix is better to just walk possbile. Well possibl advice is really good when you think about it.

Although thats using your brain. If its truly love then its from the heart. I have a situation whereby its almost oonce. I finally decided to move onto one of.

But wait the other that I thought I was going to leave gets pregnant. I believe that there are situations in the earth experience that we truly can not understand. Love is great although it can not be concepualized. We are souls in earth bodies. Thank YOu.

I agree with you as. There are situations on this earth that we cannot understand. And this is a matter of the heart and soul, not the brain.

I too, am currently in love with two men. Two very different men.

Look For Sexual Partners Is it possible to love two men at once

One that I believe to be my soulmate. I am lost and basically giving up all expectations to the universe giving me what i need in this lifetime on earth. My life partner is someone who is ken rock. We do not connect on the same level that me and my soulmate connect on. But I look forward to having his children and creating a life.

That being said, I could easily move and be with my soulmate. It would be a very different life. Probably no children, many ups and downs. It is very hard for me to decide. So I won't. I am not seeing both at this time, just loving. I am trusting that the universe will give me what i need. That's all I can do at this moment in time.